Salah & Mane before penalties saved in AFCON final

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Salah & Mane before penalties saved in AFCON final

Egypt goalkeeper Mohamed Abugabal has reveal. What he and Liverpool duo Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane said before taking the penalty kick during the match. The final of the African Cup of Nations. Where Senegal won the title in a very dramatic fashion.

During the game, there were many incidents that became hot topics to talk about. But the most unsettling thing was when Senegal got the chance to take the lead from the penalty shootout early in the game.

And before the referee blew the whistle to signal the still-kick, Mane intervened as Salah and Abu Qadal were debating which direction to dive. In the end, the Egyptian keeper actually saved Father Nadech’s shot.

“Salah told me that by the nature of Mane he always shoots to the right of the goalkeeper. So I have to go in that direction to maximize my save chances,” Abu Qabal told the UFABET.

“Of course Mane, who was standing nearby, knew what we were talking abou

Salah immediately retorted and said, Then let’s see which way you’re going to shoot. Which I believed in my teammates and saved successfully.”

t. So he rushed in and said loudly, “Don’t believe Salah, because I’m going to shoot to your left.”