Potter warns Premier League postponement is not solution

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Potter warns Premier League games postponement is not a solution as coronavirus spreads across England

Brighton and Hove Albion manager Graham Potter has dismissed the Premier League efforts to push the tournament forward amid the coronavirus pandemic and to postpone the game. Instead They were also affected by this outbreak.

Seagulls have continued to suffer from a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic, with England’s daily number of infections surpassing 70,000 as they asked the Premier League to postpone the game. Meet Wolves out because many player have infected. But it doesn’t work And finally. The game end with their defeat in the past game By UFABET.

“We inquired about the situation [the outbreak and the postponement] but we didn’t have much time to be disappointed. Because we have to prepare the team for the game. All you can do is do your best with the situation in front of you. To me, it would be better for us to talk about medical information. What should we do next? I don’t think the postponement of the game is going to be a solution that will last very long.”

“Of course we all want football to go on. We want to get back on with our lives as best we can. but most importantly health of life it is above everything If it continues like this We may face bigger problems. (Opportunity to suspend all matches)”

The Brighton this season has become One of the four teams with the most draws in the Premier League, having drawn eight of their 16 games, and without a win in 11 in the Premier League (D8 L3).