Pao Mark was confuse Kufal ball brilliantly

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Pao Mark was confuse Kufal ball brilliantly why was it red?

Mark Clattenburg The referee insists that the moment Vladimir Koufal was sent off for West Ham’s trip to Arsenal last night was a wrong decision.

David Moyes’ side were led first from Gabriel Martinelli’s shot early in the second half. Before hitting another box late in the game from Emile Smith-Row,

one of the drama of last night’s game was the second yellow card for West Ham right-back who went in. Slide the ball to extract the ball from Lacazette, who came to prepare to chop the trigger in the penalty area,

the French spearhead dropped into a painful bed before Anthony Taylor decided that the rhythm was done. Foul in the penalty area unnecessarily ran to see the slow picture from the VAR monitor

and although the person who fell down to lie on the leg to kill the penalty missed Lukas Fabianski’s save, but Clette Johannesburg It is believed that having to play with a smaller number of players affects the appearance of the away team a lot.

“We are very skeptical penalty again, and this time I decided that the” error

, “Kufa’s ball was immaculately. How is it going to be a penalty,” said Paul Marks in his own article on the Daily Mail.

“VAR agent Peter Banks should have told Taylor to watch the slow motion from the screen. And he will cancel the penalty and not hand the second yellow card to Kufal”

“It’s true that Lacazette missed the shot, but West Ham have to play with less players

” Is Banks inexperienced with VAR, or does he not want to upset Taylor? But it was a wrong decision and VAR should come and fix it because this is its purpose, isn’t it?