Conate open up about shocking Fred & Bruno Liverpool

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Conate opened up about shocking Fred & Bruno in Liverpool 5-0 win over Manchester United.

Ibrahim came to Kona Enschede defender beloved fans of Liverpool told an open mind shot, which he made with Fred and Bruno Fernandes on the wing attack Manchester United with a score of 5. -0 at the end of October

Back in the heat of the match at Old Trafford, a pivotal event occurred during the game with Cristiano Ronaldo kicking Curtis Jones into the stomach. Falling on the ground causing players from both sides to aggressively rush to protect their friends.

And while Bruno Fernandes was yelling at the visiting players, Conate dragged him out to calm him down. Teach the new child fully. But was thrown away other direction. Because the size of the body was so different.

“To be honest, I don’t even know why I dare to add to the opposing players who are older than that. But it all happened naturally. Which everyone understands,” Konate told

“Do you believe that after the game is over? I’ve receive a lot of messages about the shot from friends, family, acquaintances, friends and acquaintances, It’s been said that more than 50 video clips have been sent behind the mic.”

“Most of the time, I didn’t reply. because I saw that it was very funny. So let’s take this opportunity to tell them. It happens automatically I’m just trying to protect my family members who are being attacked by my opponent. But if you talk about this clip Whenever you watch it, it’s really funny when you see it!”