Cedric insists he is not afraid to lose his starting position

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Cedric insists he is not afraid to lose his starting position Even Tomiyasu is close to returning the Arsenal team.

Arsenal right-back Cedric Soares has insist. He is not afraid to lose his place in the starting XI. Although Japan international right-back Takehiro Tomiyasu is close to making a comeback. Report from UFABET

Cedric joined Arsenal in January 2020 on loan before signing a permanent deal at the end of that season. His contract expires in June 2023. When he was previously a substitute at Hector Bellerin, follow by Calum Chambers and most recently Tomiyasu. But he remains. stay with the team before seizing his own opportunity. With an injury to the Japanese defender. Soares has made 10 consecutive appearances in the Premier League.

“I will do my job the same way Tomiyasu does his job. He was fully ready a week or two ago. But in the end I still managed to keep my place in the starting lineup. So the only team pick is Mikel Arteta. I’m not afraid of any competition. Throughout my footballing life. I have only met famous players. They can lead me And I had a chance to get ahead of them as well.”

“You have to believe in yourself. I came to Arsenal because I want to prove myself I came here because of my past work. My work every week is aimed at getting on the pitch. I will fight till the end for my goal. Now I still do that.”

“I think it’s very normal at work. Just keep working Confidence in what you do. Your own knowledge and experience As we Portuguese always say It’s like water on olive oil. The truth will always appear above all else. Maybe it’s from my family. Or the way in which I grew up Forged me like this You may have moments of frustration frustration. But we are human beings, we can get through this. but can’t stop trying and stop fighting.”

Cedric has played professional football for many clubs, not less. He was part of the youth team at Sporting Lisbon in his homeland before joining. Southampton At one point had moved to Inter Milan on loan. Before finally moving to play with Arsenal in the end by the Portuguese national team. He is one of Portugal’s successes. with winning the Euro 2016