Benitez confident of not being sack

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Benitez confident of not being sack. Despite poor performance Confirmed to fully support.

Rafael Benitez, Everton boss said that he And the team needs time to develop the team. After a year he stated that He has been backed by the club’s major shareholder, Fahad Moshiri. Despite the team’s continued decline in performance in the Premier League

El Rafa and Everton are in a difficult situation with just one win in 10 Premier League games, but the Spaniard insists his position is safe.

“It’s a difficult job. I knew from the time I took the job. and when it comes to work We have a lot of injuries in the situation. It’s something that can happen in football. Everyone wants to win. But it has to look at the context. and the situation that arises as well.”

“Every time the manager comes into the team. It will have to work and change the team structure. The board is aware that they must support the manager. If they think that person is the right person My conversation with the board Our goal is the same: to build the football that will bring Everton to success today. and of course in the future.”

“At this moment, the question arises as to what happened. What we do is stay calm, work hard and be as united as possible. The board knows that things will get better. But the next game we have to come back and win.”