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Why does “liver cancer” kill the most Thai people?

” Liver cancer “  This word is spoke softly and makes me afraid because everyone knows that. Although technology is very advance But having cancer carries a higher risk of death than any other disease. Plus, it’s hard to find the exact cause. We only know about the risk factors that may

9 Healthy Drinks all kinds of benefits

Choosing healthy food will help keep your body healthy and able to avoid various diseases as well. Even some drinks can help prevent disease as well. Especially the 9 types of healthy drinks that we have shared with the girls. have come to drink to prevent various diseases Because each

8 drinks that are not recommended for women who are trying to lose fat

Normally, the main reason why the body has accumulated fat. It’s not just about eating food. But also the consumption of certain beverages as well. Because some drinks contribute to the body’s fat accumulation, not different from eating certain foods. So, we’ve rounded up 8 drinks that aren’t recommended for women. Who

Reduce fat around the thighs to be firm 

Any young woman who has thigh fat keeps bothering her to lose her self-confidence. Today we will invite you to reduce fat in that area with 5 methods that can be easily followed. It also gives fast results, please share so that we can follow each other. 

Apply gel nails often, damaged nails, thin nails, what is the solution?

Many girls like to go to a beauty salon to get their nails done. Whether it’s nail extensions, nail paint or popular gel nail polish. Because aside from the nails instantly being beautiful, it’s also extremely convenient because there is a provocative nail salon. Let’s walk in and