Why does “liver cancer” kill the most Thai people?

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” Liver cancer “  This word is spoke softly and makes me afraid because everyone knows that. Although technology is very advance But having cancer carries a higher risk of death than any other disease. Plus, it’s hard to find the exact cause. We only know about the risk factors that may accelerate the development of cancer. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

But many people may be afraid that they have other cancers, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian , or other cancers, to the point of overlooking “liver cancer,” even though in fact The scariest thing about  It’s in liver . It is also a disease that has taken the lives of many famous people.  

Liver cancer kills the most people.

Found patients with liver cancer. Thai people die from liver cancer as many as 14,000 people per year. The liver cancer rate per 100,000 population is ranke 8th in the world.

The chance of surviving liver cancer is only 13%. This means that liver cancer patients have a 87% chance of dying.

Liver cancer is the number 1 cause of death from cancer, the 1st most common cause in males and the 3rd most common cause in females.

What is liver cancer?

Liver cancer is the number 1 most common cancer in Thai men. It is also the 4th most common cancer patient in both men and women combined. Liver cancer is most often found in patients age 30 – 70 years. And is found in men about 2 – 3 times more often than in women. This disease is consider a very serious disease. It may cause the death of many patients. Furthermore, liver cancer in its early stages often does not show symptoms. Before the patient is diagnose with any disease, they must be found to be in the late stages of liver cancer. which has no chance of being cure

Causes of liver cancer

  • The most common causes of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) are those associated with hepatitis B and C viruses. (Type B is less common), patients who drink a lot of alcohol. and patients with liver cirrhosis In addition, additional information was found that Aflatoxin is a toxic substance found contaminate with peanuts. (especially crushed peanuts), dried chilies, garlic, onions, soybean paste, corn, brown rice, coarse rice, fermented pork, dried grapes, dried fish, cassava and various types of moist grains. It may also be an important cause of . If you consume a lot at a time This substance will help facilitate the formation of cells in people infected with hepatitis B virus.
  • The most common cause of intrahepatic bile duct cancer (CCA) is that this type of liver is cause by chronic liver fluke infection. It is a liver fluke call Opisthorchis viverrini which is found in freshwater fish that live in swamps. When eating raw fish or undercooked fish that has this type of parasite in it The larvae grow and permanently reside in the bile ducts within the liver. It can last up to 25 years. If left untreated, it will cause inflammation and abnormalities within the liver. Over time, bile duct cells will eventually mutate into bile duct . In addition, it was also found that exposure to nitrosamine. Which is a toxic substance, is found mostly in ferment protein foods such as fermented fish, som fish, som pork, fermented pork, or meat foods that are mixe with saltpeter, such as sausages. Smoking, smoked fish is another cause of this type of as well. 

Stage of liver cancer

Normally, there are many different stages of liver cancer. But overall, it can be divid into 4 stages, like other types of cancer.

  • The nature of the tumor is small and there is only one lump.
  • The cancer has spread into the blood vessels within the . and/or have multiple cancers But it still has a small size.
  • The tumor is very large. and/or has spread into tissues adjacent to the  and/or spread into the large abdominal vein and/or spread into lymph nodes near the
  • Cancer cells spread through the bloodstream. It often enters other lobes of the , including pain, but it is likely that it can spread into other organs as well, such as the brain, bones, or even lymph nodes that are far from the , such as intra-abdominal lymph nodes. or collarbone area 

Differentiating symptoms of liver  away from other diseases Similar places

  • People who have jaundice, yellow eyes, a swollen stomach, or swollen feet may be suffering from cirrhosis. Most patients have a history of drinking alcohol for a long time. And often red palms and red spots appear on the chest.
  • People who experience fatigue and rapid weight loss It may be cause by n other organs, such as lung , which will cause a chronic cough that turns into blood and chest pain, or stomach  There will be abdominal pain similar to gastritis , colon . There will be diarrhea, constipation, and chronic abdominal pain. Or blood in the diarrhea. In addition, these symptoms can also be cause by diabetes, which will have symptoms of thirst, frequent urination, and hunger. Pulmonary tuberculosis will have a fever and chronic cough, blood clot. AIDS will have a chronic fever. Chronic diarrhea, toxic goiter, symptoms include being easily tire, heart palpitations, trembling hands, hot sweats, excessive sweating, goiter symptoms.