Is lemongrass really beneficial to health?

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Although there has been a great deal of research on the effectiveness of lemongrass in various health-related areas. But at present there is still no sufficient scientific or medical evidence to clearly confirm the therapeutic efficacy. Or health benefits in each aspect. Therefore, scientific and medical research should be carried out. Both in a larger sample size and with greater demographic diversity.

Therefore, while there is still not enough medical information. Consumers or using products extracted from should pay attention to the steps and quantities of their consumption for health safety.UFABET 

Safety of consuming :

Consumption information for the general public

  • Consuming lemongrass is likely safe. If consumed in the amount used for general cooking
  • Consuming or applying to the skin for medicinal purposes. It is POSSIBLY SAFE to use lemongrass for a short period of time under the supervision and guidance of a doctor.
  • Inhaling substances containing. It can cause dangerous and toxic side effects to the body in some patients, such as those with lung problems.
  • Using products containing extract carelessly or incorrectly. It can lead to life-threatening toxic conditions. Such as swallowing mosquito repellent made from lemongrass.

Caution for people with health conditions:

  • pregnant person Consuming lemongrass should be avoided. This is because lemongrass may stimulate blood flow during menstruation. which may be at risk of miscarriage
  • Those who are breastfeeding There is currently no clear evidence about the safety of consuming lemongrass while breastfeeding. People who are breastfeeding should avoid consuming. To prevent health hazards to both yourself and the baby who may be exposed to various substances through breast milk.