6 benefits of “watermelon”, the sweet, juicy red fruit of the summer

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If you think of a way to cool down, Eating watermelon in chilled form This is another way to help quite well. Because it is to extinguish the heat temperature from within. And in addition to eating fresh watermelon We can also make it into a drink. Or toppings eaten with cold ice cream. Increase the enjoyment of eating, creating amazing variety for every menu. But before eating, today Hello Doctor would like to take everyone to get to know. Benefits of watermelon In what ways can it help nourish our health ? http://ufabet999.com

What nutrients are in watermelon?

Summer fruits that everyone loves I know that whenever I eat, it makes me feel refreshed. The nutrients in this watermelon are so abundant that we never expected it because just eating 1 cup per day can give us full substances that are beneficial to the body as follows.

  • Energy 46 calories
  • 6 grams of carbohydrates
  • Fiber 6 grams
  • Calcium 8 milligrams
  • Phosphorus 9
  • Magnesium 4 mg
  • Potassium 172 mg
  • Vitamin C 5 mg

There is also vitamin A, beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, choline in watermelon. and help adjust the balance Relieve symptoms of various diseases Helps to make your health stronger as well.

6 health benefits of watermelon that are more than just delicious

Whoever said watermelon is only good and delicious needs to think again. Because there are many other benefits as follows, hidden without you knowing. And it was completely unexpected.

  • Prevent asthma

Experts believe that Free radicals play a role in making you suffer from asthma. Eating will provide antioxidants and vitamin C to help protect. Do not cause any symptoms to be stimulated. There can be additional complications. and reduce the chance of causing you to suffer from asthma