10 ways to reduce sugar in the body Reduce the risk of various dangerous diseases

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Sweet taste is delicious and people tend to be addicted to sweetness in various foods and drinks. Because it makes the brain clear and reduces stress. Until it often causes us to eat more sugar than our body needs. And when blood sugar drops from the amount used to be consumed each day, it begins to affect mood. irritate and easily fatigued In conclusion, sugar does more harm than good to us in the long run.

Danger from sugar addiction สมัคร ufabet

Mr. Phet Atthasit Saksuthaporn Expert in nutrition for advanced health care and anti-aging and restorative medicine. From the Facebook page Don’t leave your life to the doctor. Identifying the dangers of sugar addiction that will clearly cause 4 serious diseases as follows

  1. Tooth decay
  2. fat
  3. Heart disease, high blood pressure 
  4. cancer

10 ways to reduce sugar in the body Reduce the risk of various dangerous diseases

  1. change drinks

Cut out soda. Reduce the energy drinks you’re going to consume during exercise. Then change to drinking mineral water instead. Cut back on coffee in the morning and drink lemonade, herbal tea, Americano, or unsweetened coffee instead.

  1. Gradually reduce the symptoms of sugar addiction.

When your body has become accustomed to sugar And if you suddenly cut yourself off from the desserts you used to like to eat such as cake, ice cream, cookies, pie, donuts, you will feel like your body has no energy and feels sluggish. Therefore, you may substitute by eating fruits that are not very sweet, such as apples, guava, and berries. or eat breakfast for various health reasons It contains vitamins and minerals that help your body feel more refreshed.

  1. High-fat foods may be healthier than low-fat foods.

If you are trying to reduce sugar You should choose to eat foods that contain good fats, such as avocados, purple potatoes, sweet potatoes, steamed pumpkin, etc., or foods that contain complex carbohydrates. In fact, fat is one of the nutrients that are beneficial to the body. If eaten in the right amount, it will stay in the stomach for a long time. Many times, many foods and beverages labeled as fat-free when tested are found to be fat-free. It has a higher sugar content than foods that contain good fats. 

  1. Eat organic food or unprocessed food

Ready-to-eat food or food at restaurants May be filled with salt, sugar and MSG in large quantities. Makes us unable to control Processed foods often contain artificial colours, flavors and preservatives, and if you are able to prepare your own food at home. In addition to saving money, it also allows you to control the amount of sugar and salt in your food.

  1. Don’t be careless with the word “Healthy snacks”

Did you know that grain-based snacks like granola bars, protein bars, and dried fruit? Sometimes the sugar content is just as high. and eating 1 bar of chocolate